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Creative and pragmatic change expertise for chief executives,
top-level managers and project leaders


Creative and pragmatic change expertise for chief executives, top-level managers and project leaders
  • Yes, everybody is talking about change, but how exactly do you accomplish it?
  • Are big changes coming?
  • Are your projects in danger of failing?
  • Have your employees become disengaged? Have they mentally checked out?
  • Do you feel non-stop pressure from all sides?
  • It’s all so much. Where to start?

It’s not surprising that people respond to change often with frustration, rather than enthusiasm. However, with the right techniques and tools, you can meet all challenges head-on with energy and creativity. Learn how to wake your Lust for Change and manage changes successfully!

Change affects many aspects of our professional lives: implementing IT tools, enhancing a client-centric focus, optimizing processes, increasing efficiencies, changing organizational structures, and many more. Let us discover your path to success! I will guide you with practical experience and sound expert knowledge. No consultant-ese! That’s a promise. 😉

Change processes rarely happen as planned. Frequently, the team’s initial enthusiasm turns into frustration, and the perpetual nay-sayers feel validated. The root cause is often inadequate attention to people’s emotions. In contrast, in our people-centric collaboration, we will focus on the people as the central participants of change and configure all important aspects accordingly. Even in business settings, emotions influence decision-making, both consciously and unconsciously. Because we’re all human.

Together, we will create a vision of how to channel emotions and resistance into broad support for your change initiative.
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Successful change initiatives start by acknowledging people’s needs and emotions. Change is not simply imposed, but people are integrated into the entire process as active participants. As a result, everyone pulls into the same direction. Yes, that’s possible, despite some hurdles at the start or along the way.

Together, we’ll design customized change activities. I will guide you how to discover effective solutions and adjust parameters to even most complex challenges.

Discover the Lust for Change

You’ve already experienced the impact of failed projects? You’ve already tried your best stemming the flow of resistance and yet couldn’t help plunging down the waterfall?

Now you’re launching a new project and you are determined to avoid another fail! This time, it’s got to be different! Take heart: Together, you and I will succeed. You will learn helpful competencies and effective tools that will make a lasting difference.

1. Facilitation / Consulting

Pragmatic change consulting for your projects and initiatives:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Ongoing support during IT projects
  • Large group events
  • Development of organizational culture
  • Increase of efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Process management
  • Client focus
  • and so much more

Real-life experience and scientifically sound solutions! Master complex and difficult challenges with creativity.

2. Speaking

Enriching and impactful insights about change — presented with a lot of humor — are available to be delivered either online or on stage as keynote speeches or presentations. Fascinating change anecdotes drawn from real-life experiences create memorable, long-lasting emotions. Change storytelling will inspire you and your employees and add deeper meaning to your events. No dull blathering, but authentic and entertaining stories with a poignant message.

3. Coaching

Coaching is the most intensive and personal form of collaboration. Together, we will address your specific needs and challenges to develop creative, effective solutions.

You will be surprised how much can be achieved in a few meetings. The coaching sessions are always set up in such a way that you take as much as possible for yourself and actually put it into action: from insight to realization. Because our actions change the world!


Baseline and objectives:

  • What is the current status of your project or initiative?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What’s the ultimate goal?
  • What do you want to avoid at all costs?
  • Who is involved?
  • What’s necessary to succeed?

Develop ideas!


We’ll develop creative and pragmatic approaches for every step of the change process and establish a cohesive change framework for your projects. “Structure meets flow” = We create structure in the change process and give enough space to the transformation flow to evolve and develop. In addition, we’ll find the right parameter to adjust for a successful “change-race.”

Go for it!

“Our actions change the world!“

Now it’s time to implement and to create the change. Rest assured that I won’t abandon you with nothing but PowerPoint slides or a few concepts. No, I’ll be offering hands-on advice and active support the whole time.

Step by step, we’ll assess the impact and adjust where necessary.


How do you make change stick? We’ve learned so much on our journey toward this goal. Now to maintain it, we’ll apply our insights across processes, IT-applications, structures and daily routines. The changes will become second nature.

I invite you to gain from my creativity, practical experiences and expert knowledge to aid your success.


Years of professional experience


Years of change management experience


Years of
corporate experience


Years as independent business owner


Years of international business experience

I am Ms. Change. The subject „change“ has been present throughout my entire life, going back as far as the 1990s when I lived and worked in New York, Beijing and Shanghai. After 15 years of excelling as a leadership expert and executive for a major international business conglomerate, I started my own business to help clients discover their passion for change. Creating “Lust for Change“ is my contribution to make the world a better place.

To date, I have more than 27 years of professional experience, including 20 years of high-level engagement and leadership responsibilities involving a wide range of change projects.

From my own experience, I know how to initiate successful change. That’s why I work closely with chief executives, top-level managers and project leaders through periods of complex change. My guidance is clear, inspirational, profound and genuine.

Straight talk and frank discussions about the challenges at hand, without any whitewashing. That’s my style.

Clarity and transparency will guide you through even the most complex changes.

Creativity is my “super power.” It’s the key to success for even the most complex questions.

You’ll discover how to apply inspiration and creativity to solve problems, those of today and of tomorrow.  

Extensive training and applying the newest findings in neuroscience are of utmost importance to me. I am continuously integrating the most recent scientific research into my work.

You can depend on change support that is grounded in sound, scientifically proven principles.

Genuine and lasting change starts with every person himself/herself – that’s why I am authentic and principled. No confusing double-speak. In addition, I offer many years of practical professional experiences and insights.

I will not abandon you with nothing but PowerPoint slides and a few buzzwords. Instead, I will support you through every phase of the change process, no matter how complex. Your lasting success is my goal!

I am looking forward to working with you to discover together the Lust for Change.

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