From Frustration to Lust for Change.

Have you lost touch with the purpose of your work? Do projects seem to be at risk of failure? Do your employees join in with the fight, or do they resign to themselves internally? Does the pressure seem to be coming from all sides?

With the right right skills, tools and mindset you can take these challenges in your stride and master even complex situations.

Do you want to know how you can approach change proactively?
Let us find your path together! I am here to support and guide.


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Emotions Create Relevance

In our personal lives, as well as in business, creating change is a non-linear process, and often does not go as planned. The enthusiasm that was felt at the outset often turns into frustration, as the initial doubts slowly appear to be confirmed. This is often because the emotional elements are not given the adequate attention they require.

Together, we’ll work to find the required solutions before your project is jeopardised. In order to deliver a successful change project, emotion in combination with the right strategies can lead to highly effective outcomes!

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Turning Affected Parties into Participants

Creating impactful and lasting change requires the contribution from employees and all affected parties, bringing to the surface both their needs and concerns. By converting those affected into project participants, it ensures everyone is pulling together in the same direction.

Working together we create and deliver strategies towards real change.
No matter how complex the project, I will support you to ensure you find the right path to success.

Find out more, to create lasting change!

Working change together!

1. Facilitation & Consulting

Focussed support for change in your projects and plans! Research based and empirically tested strategies for change! Often, more is possible than previously thought Using creativity and lateral thinking, it becomes possible to solve the most complex and difficult challenges.

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2. Speaking Engagements

Thought provoking discussions for solution-oriented, sustainable impulses. Discover the lust for change – this can also be delivered through keynotes or motivational speeches.

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3. Coaching

The most focussed and personal form of collaboration. We start with your individual plans, and together we discover creative solutions towards the realising of positive change in your undertaking.

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Set Yourself Up for Project Success

Have you recently experienced failure in your projects?  Despite your best efforts maybe you weren’t able to achieve the outcome you wanted?

Now you want to make sure, that this will not happen again? Yes, this time it must be different! Together we can do it.

Learn the skills and use the tools which will lead you to your success. We also work on mindset – as it´s fundamental to achieving sustainable, lasting change.

Now shape the change actively and successfully!

“You get what you pay for! Change.”

I am Mrs. Change and the subject of ‘change’ has been with me all my life. Since the 1990s I have lived and worked in New York, Beijing and Shanghai. After 13 years serving as a Specialist and Manager for an international corporation, I started my own business to awaken people’s lust for change, and to contribute in making the world a better place.

I can look back on my 25 years of professional experience; 20 of which I worked actively in roles of high responsibility in various organisational change projects.

From my experience I know which levers to pull for successful change. That is why I work closely with Managing Directors, Executives and Project Managers during complex changes. My support is clear, inspiring, genuine and profound:


I use clear language and address topics – without “fabric softener”.

You receive clarity and transparency even in the most complex changes.


With creativity we find solutions for complex problems.

You will learn to use inspiration and creativity to discover your own solutions – this will also help you in future projects.


I have completed substantial training and work with the latest findings in neuroscience. In addition, I integrate the latest research from various fields into my work.

You can be assured that you will receive change support based on a solid, scientifically proven principles.


I am authentic and do not bend – it is about real and lasting change. “Wash me, but don’t get me wet” is not what I stand for.
I also draw on my many years of wide-ranging practical experience: From practice for practice!

You won’t be left with a few PowerPoint slides and clever slogans, instead you will receive real support for real and lasting change. Your sustainable success is my goal!

I am looking forward to working with you and discovering together your lust for change.